Introducing PlanPro and IBM® Kenexa® Talent Frameworks

PlanPro is a solution provider that can deliver and deploy right size competency frameworks in a very short time frame. Talent Frameworks is a complete library of independently researched, industry-specific, skill-based job profiles provided by IBM. This framework starting kit defines key responsibilities, job level, foundational (core) competencies, functional (technical) competencies, interview questions, coaching tips, SMART goals, prescriptive learning suggestions, job focus and job band.

HR professionals all over the world face ongoing challenges of effective recruitment, improving retention and increasing productivity in the workplace. An effective strategy to combat this challenge can be found in developing and communicating clear expectations using job descriptions and competency frameworks.

Define, communicate and optimise needed skills within your organisation

IBM® Kenexa® Talent Frameworks contain ready-to-use job specific competencies that will positively impact your organisation through.

Organisational Performance

Improved individual and organisational performance

Boost your business results by defining and identifying the right skills needed by your organisation.

Increased ROI

Increased ROI

Focus on engaging employees and managers through your existing talent management tools with a content-rich experience, contribute to training needs and plans.

Impact Bottom Line

Impact bottom line

Save time and money by rapidly deploying a skills-based culture more effectively without having to develop content. Identify and document critical positions and efficiently replace incumbents if required.

Better Management

Better Management

Support managers with tools and resources for better candidate interviewing, career development, performance evaluation and management and compensation discussions.

Better Decisions

Better Decisions

Provide analysis and support to help organisations understand skills and make informed decisions for hiring, learning and workforce optimisation.

Optimising employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities properly to perform their job is one of the keys to a productive environment. It keeps employees fully engaged by using their best attributes, and it helps the organisation by increasing productivity and reducing turnover.

It brings clarity to a range of HR functions including:


Recruitment &




& Rewards


Learning &




Planning &
Career Pathing

PlanPro FREE HR Strategy Workshop

In this 1 hour workshop we will cover these 3 key topics

How competency frameworks can define, communicate and optimise essential skills within your organisation & how the correct approach to deployment can take competency frameworks out of the “too hard” basket.

How to collect and utilise employee survey data to help drive business outcomes.

How cognitive HR analytics can add value to your organisation and assist in the process of aligning HR strategies and action plans with organisational outcomes.

Schedule a personalised FREE HR Strategy Workshop to see how PlanPro, using the IBM Kenexa toolset, can help you engage, listen, analyse and act fast to improve talent acquisition, development & engagement for your organisation.