IBM® Kenexa® Skills Assessments on Cloud provides over 5,000 ready-to-use employee assessments, many of which have been customised to New Zealand. These include skills/abilities testing, which measure hard skills that can be developed over time, behavioural/personality assessments, which measure the talents people are born with and naturally do well, and structured interview questions that are designed to measure a specific attribute in an individual.
IBM® Kenexa® Skills Assessments on Cloud can function as pre-employment assessments to filter through candidates, but can also be used as employee assessments to measure existing employees.

Employee surveys and assessments

IBM® Kenexa® Skills Assessments on Cloud can be used to:
– Provide objective data for hiring and promotion decisions;
– Develop or find new skills to support organizational growth goals;
– Create better visibility into talent across the organization;
– Improve business results through better quality candidates;
– Improve performance and productivity of individuals;
– Deliver leaders to drive innovation and growth; and
– Reduce staff turnover.
Pricing starts as low as $NZD25 + GST.

Types of Assessments

Cognitive ability
Culture fit
Experience / bio-data
Situation judgement

Where assessments are used

Call Centres
Office / professional

As of October 2015, IBM and Microsoft together are offering a solution through IBM® Kenexa® Skills Assessments on Cloud that will allow customers who are blind or visually impaired to assess a person’s ability to use Microsoft Office through simulation technology. It is a cloud-based assessment solution that integrates Microsoft Office with screen-reading software.


For a full list of available assessments, click here.