Is your challenge Retention? Lack of Innovation? Inefficiencies?

Your employees hold the answers. Listen to them to drive greater employee engagement and show how HR can make a bigger impact on the organisation. The best feedback mechanisms are robust employee surveys that combine with flexible pulse (on demand) surveying and those that can take the results and give you tangible, fresh insight you can build action plans around.

This is why PlanPro believes that IBM Kenexa Employee Voice is what organisations need if they truly want to get insight to build activities to raise engagement levels.

IBM Kenexa Employee Voice Delivers:

Census Survey

A fully managed census survey, backed by an extensive library of questions, that enables you listen to your organisation so you can measure what matters.

Self Service Pulse Survey

Self-service pulse surveys that allow you to implement agile, ongoing listening to gain insights, mitigate risks, address hot spots and identify areas of opportunity.

Integrated Analytics

Integrated analytics, powered by IBM Watson™ Analytics, allows you to gain deeper insights into your survey results and combine it with other workforce data sources for greater context.

IBM Kenexa Employee Voice helps you continuously listen to your employees and get results back quickly.
Get real-time analytics and proven action plans. Act on fresh insights to address challenges. Check back as needed to ensure the organisation stays on course.

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How competency frameworks can define, communicate and optimise essential skills within your organisation & how the correct approach to deployment can take competency frameworks out of the “too hard” basket.

How to collect and utilise employee survey data to help drive business outcomes.

How cognitive HR analytics can add value to your organisation and assist in the process of aligning HR strategies and action plans with organisational outcomes.

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