Challenge The Outdated Norm Of Reactive HR Management

At PlanPro, we can help you utilise HR technology to track employee engagement and whether or not they have the skills to reach your company goals. IBM HR analytics allows human resources to interpret data, recognise trends or issues, and take proactive steps with different departments to keep the organisation running smoothly and profitably – without the need to be IT experts.

Utilising IBM Watson Talent Insights enables you to explore virtually any workforce and related data by simply typing in Google-like questions to help understand and predict the impact of people decisions. IBM Watson Talent Insights delivers results through visualisations that are easy to interpret and can be shared throughout the organisation to align resources.

Make fact based talent decisions using Talent Analytics

PlanPro empowers you to use IBM® Watson® Talent Insights to explore, predict and share results.

Fact Based Talent

Make strategic fact-based talent decisions using talent analytics.

Workforce Questions

Discover answers to your toughest workforce questions using any trusted workforce data.

Make Confident Decisions

Predict outcomes and make confident decisions that positively impact business results.

Fact Based Results

Share fact-based results with easy-to-consume dashboards and infographics.

HR analytics is made easier through a Google-like interface where users can simply type in their question, and results will quickly return in an easy-to-understand format. The response to the question makes use of various graph types, and also provides additional answers to other correlating questions.

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PlanPro FREE HR Strategy Workshop

In this 1 hour workshop we will cover the below 3 key ares

How competency frameworks can define, communicate and optimise essential skills within your organisation & how the correct approach to deployment can take competency frameworks out of the “too hard” basket.

How to collect and utilise employee survey data to help drive business outcomes.

How cognitive HR analytics can add value to your organisation and assist in the process of aligning HR strategies and action plans with organisational outcomes.

Schedule a personalised FREE HR Strategy Workshop to see how PlanPro, using the IBM Kenexa toolset, can help you engage, listen, analyse and act fast to improve talent acquisition, development & engagement for your organisation.