When retailers began to ‘listen’ to their customers, they changed their way of interacting substantially, based on their new understanding of what the customer wants.

You’ve likely noticed the advertisements that start to appear on web pages for things you searched for earlier. That is because retailers are paying attention to your shopping habits. They’re picking up on your preferences, past searches and interests. They’re even looking at others who have behaved similarly and using these insights to predict what you might do in the future.

Could the world of work be transformed in a similar way? Specifically, regarding listening to and observing employees in the same way retailers listen to and observe shoppers? If we can bring the same approach to organisations, we may find a way of engaging employees on a whole new level.

Instead of purchasing habits, insights could be gathered based on the blogs people are reading, the topics they’re searching for at their desks, and the digital work conversations they’re having in ‘public.’ And that’s just the start of the data that could be collected.

If we are really going to engage with employees, you need to listen at an individual level, and gather information from each team member on their personal needs and experiences. The more information we can attribute to our people, the more we can tailor our HR programs and policies to individual needs – rather than to the ‘average’ person. After all, none of us are ‘average’ – we are all unique. We may be some time away from this future world of personalised insights, analytics and action in the workplace, but many of the technologies and techniques already exist. We, therefore, can and should listen much more than we currently are, because employees really want to share their voice.

You know how important it is to listen—and at PlanPro, so do we. Recently, our clients started indicating report that they’re not getting what they need from their existing employee surveys.

The recent launch of Employee Voice by IBM Kenexa places us in a position to address many of the pains we hear about. With this platform’s help, the entire census survey process can be made more efficient. Using the cognitive analytics to drive faster time to insight, and implement a self-service pulse survey in minutes.

In short, you can capitalise on the opinions and experiences of the people that keep your business moving forward. They deserve to be listened to, as after all, they can deliver valuable insights that aren’t visible from all the way up in the C-Suite.

If you want to learn more about why businesses should listen to their employees, and how IBM Kenexa Employee Voice can help, schedule a personalised FREE HR Strategy Workshop with PlanPro.

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