Consulting Services

With experience in HR and other consulting industries, our team will add value to your HR structure and processes through the consulting services we offer.

HR Analytics

HR Analytics is here. Organisations are looking for tools to help answer questions about effectively managing employees to ensure business goals are achieved and exceeded.

Organisation Charts

Workforce planning is a strategic need for organisations. Organisation charts can be a goldmine of visual information, and we want to help automate this for your organisation.

Competency Frameworks

Knowing the competencies you have in your workforce, and how to maximise the potential, can be the difference between standing out in the market or fading into the background.

Employee surveys and assessments

Taking a step in the direction of a Smarter Workforce does not need to break the bank. Understanding is the key, so why not start there? Use surveys and assessments to better understand your workforce.

PeoplePro Solutions

PeoplePro solutions combine ground-breaking cognitive computing with established practices and technology for a fresh approach to selecting, managing and optimising your organisation’s people.

PlanPro Services visual